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Gaffney Dorsiflexion Assist Flexors are offered in two different sizes: children and adults. The custom machined hardware makes putting on and taking off straps easy operations.

  • Flexors kits for Children (including two short straps, four sets of hardware)

    • P/N 2000 Flexor 80-D  

    • P/N 2000-B* Flexor 80-D 

    • P/N 2000-C Flexor 85-D

  • Straps for Children (two replacement straps for P/N 2000 s)

    • P/N 2010 Straps 80-D

    • P/N 2010-B* Straps 80-D

    • P/N 2010-C Straps 85-D     

  • Flexors for Adults (including two long straps, four sets of hardware)

    • P/N 2001 Flexor 80-D

    • P/N 2001-B* Flexor 80-D

    • P/N 2001-C Flexor 85-D

  • Straps for Adults (two replacement straps for P/N 2001 s)

    • P/N 2012 Straps 80-D

    • P/N 2012-B* Straps 80-D

    • P/N 2012-C Straps 85-D

  • Flexors kits for uni-lateral braces (two straps and two sets of long hardware)

    • P/N 4000/-B/-C (kid size)

    • P/N 4001/-B/-C (adult size)

*P/Ns 2000-B, 2010-B, 2001-B, and 2012-B are black for cosmetic purposes, same as the white flexor in terms of strength. 2000-C is clear in appearance.

80-D is 80 durometer and 85-D is 85 durometer.

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