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  • 505-Colt   Width 7/16" (~1.1cm)   Length 1-1/2" (~3.8cm) Designed for the newborn. This hinge allows you to put the minimum necessary on your patient while still performing the function needed.

  • 510-Pony   Width 7/16" (~1.1cm)   Length 2" (~5.1cm) Designed for the small child to avoid the distal portion of hinge from interference with the control area and to help in shoe space problems.

  • 590 -Cob is the latest product for children featuring double spiral ring 

  • 660-Stallion   Width 7/16" (~1.1cm)   Length 2-1/2" (~6.4cm) Designed for children up to small adults.

  • 660-T is a thinner Stallion, made with 12 gauge stainless instead of 10 gauge, Designed for children.

  • 705-Mustang   Width 9/16" (~1.4cm)   Length 2" (~5.1cm) Designed for adolescents and adults. A short hinge but has extra width for more wear surface. Has large pin and clip.

  • 707-Filly   Width 9/16" (~1.4cm)   Length 2-1/2" (~6.4cm) Designed for teens and adults. For use when small distal portion is desired to avoid bone prominence or interference in control area. Also helps in shoe fit.

  • 710-Bronco   Width 9/16" (~1.4cm)   Length 3" (~7.6cm) Designed for use with teens and average size adults. Has extra width and large pin.

  • 810-Clydesdale  Width 11/16" (~1.7cm)  Length 3-1/2" (~8.9cm) This is our largest hinge, designed with your toughest patients in mind.