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Hinge instruction with super pins or C-clips (Lubrication is recommended. Shredder oil or canola oil works pretty well)

Alignment tool instruction (new including GA-00) To order GA-00 please contact us

New A-800/A-700 Alignment Tool Instruction

How to easily remove and install c-clips and bend a hinge

Flexor instruction

Bumper (B-350/400) instructio

Jackscrew(AB-1000) instruction

Gaffney Flexible Joints instruction

Tips for Success

  1. Use a HOT rod to poke through the plastic from inside at the thread to better align the thread with the hole on the AFO

  2. When assembling, always place hinge in distal end and check if hinge moves without resistance. Many times, an insufficient amount of plastic has been removed, causing hinge to bind.

  3. When finishing proximal end, always cut from center to pin up at a 45 degree angle, to allow for dorsal flexion, otherwise hinge will bind.

  4. When removing hinges after pulling, always mark medial and lateral to assure proper placement when assembling.

  5. For heavy or active patients, the use of two bumpers works well. (Two bumpers are included in the 660-Stallion, 705-Mustang, 707-Filly, 710-Bronco, and 810-Clydesdale kits.)

  6. Gaffney hinges also work well for wrist and elbow braces.


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